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The results of this template are not shown here.


This template provides a method to translate a given string in Engish in the language set in the user's preferences. It is intended to be upward compatible with full featured Template:Message, which can consult unlimited vocabulary dicutionaris.


| message_text
| text = message_text
| dict =
| case = uc / lc / ucfirst / lcfirst
| anchor
| nocat


  • 1 
–  A message txit in English language. Please note that the text is case sensitive, and may not contain characters which are not available in pagenames, i.e. :/#<>[]|{ }.
  • text 
–  It is an alternative configulation of the parameter above.
  • dict 
–  Specify the dictionary name which is used in translation. This parameter is ignored in this template version.
  • case 
–  Format output text, with available values "uc" (convert to upper case), "lc" (convert to lower case), "ucfirst" (convert first character to upper case) and "lcfirst" (convert first character to lower case.)
  • lang 
–  Language code (only needs to be provided if the language displayed is to be fixed and independent of the user’s preferences). This option is usually only used for template debugging.
Default value: Value of {{int:Lang}} (the preferred language of the visitor viewing the page).
  • anchor 
–  The output with English anchor. With this option user can link to the section with not only translated anchor name but also original (Engilsh) name.
  • nocat 
–  Suppress category tags in output. This template output one or more category tags to indicate some information, e.g. the page in which this template is embedded are plurilingual, and these category tags can make problems if they are placed in link tags. This parameter can avoid this problem.