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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Documentation mbox.

It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


This is the message box meta-template.

It is used to build message box templates such as Template:Docinfo/draft. It offers several different colours. It would use default images if no image parameter is given and it has some other features, but these features are not availabe at present.

This meta-template is a provisional subset of MediaWiki's mw:Template:Mbox. Please be aware that all appearences should be determined by CSS style settings in MediaWiki:Common.css, althogh they are spcified directly in this template in a makeshift manner. Please feel free to edit this template to fix it, or improve it with richer appearances.


{{documentation mbox
| message
| type = info / style / notice / caution / warning / important / critical
| text = message_text


Code Output
 {{documentation mbox|A text.}}
A text.
 {{documentation mbox|type=info|text=An information text.}}
An information text.
 {{documentation mbox|type=info
 |text=A text with ''italic'' and '''bold'''.}}
A text with italic and bold.
 {{documentation mbox|type=notice|text=A notice message}}
A notice message
 {{documentation mbox|type=caution|text=A caution message}}
A caution message
 {{documentation mbox|type=warning|text=A warning message}}
A warning message
 {{documentation mbox|type=important|text=An important message}}
An importantt message
 {{documentation mbox|type=critical|text=An important message}}
An importantt message

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