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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Docinfo.

It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


This is a semantic template which stores some basic attributes for documentation managemet.

This template also provides visual annunciations for readers on each pages when they are required, in parallel with semantic annotations and MediaWiki categories which make document relations (e.g. authors, editors, and other support staffs) aware of its various status.

These annotations can be queried at any time with special:ask, inline queies and predefined templates such as {{docinfo/query/example1}} for users' documentation managements, translation works and page updates, etc.


| master page =
| master rev  =
| master link = internal / external / interwiki
| status   = draft / effective / obsolete
| progress =
| priority =
| category =
| author =
| editor =
| support =
| lang =
| desc =
| return =
| nowarn


All parameters of this template are optional.

  • master page 
–  Primary page name or url, e.g. an original page in translation, an effective version of draft page, etc. It is similar to 'master page' parameter in Template:Language, yet this parameter is not mandatory when the document is the primary one itself.
  • master rev 
–  Revision id of the primary page. This parameter causes users to keep their documents in sync with its primary page, with visual annunciation, semantic annotations and page categories to notify users when the primary page is updated. On the master page this parameter is set with the magic word {{REVISIONID}}.
  • master link 
–  The type of link to the primary page, avialable values internal, external and interwiki. If the value is external, the parameter "master page" is regarded as url. And if the value is external or interwiki, The parameter "master rev" is ignored.

Note: Please do not use the value "external" for a moment, because it has a potential problem to store URL value into Property:Docinfo master rev which data type is page.
Default value: internal

  • status 
–  The documentation status descriptor, available values draft, effective and obsolete.
Default value: draft if parameter "master page" is not specified, otherwise effective.
  • progress 
–  String to determine the completeness of the document. Allowed values: 0, 25, 50, 75, 95 and 100 with 95 as standard value.
  • priority 
–  String to determine the priority of the document. Possible values: top or urgent (1), high (2), normal (3) and low (4).
  • category 
–  Category or list of categories separated with comma (,). The document will be annotated and categorised with the value.
  • author 
–  User or list of users separated with comma (,) to determine the author(s) of the document.
  • editor 
–  User to determine the last editor of the document. Is always set with {{REVISIONID}}.
  • support 
–  User or list of users separated with comma (,) to determine other resources involved in the document, e.g. checker(s), administrator(s), etc.
  • lang 
–  Language code which determines for what language the page is prepared. If a page is plurilingual, you may specify more than one language code separated with comma.
Default value: en
  • desc 
–  Arbitrary text to determine the document description. The value is optional, but recommended in all documents. If the value is nothing, the document will be annotated and categorised with "No description" warning, without visual annunciation.
  • return 
–  determines parameter name which is used as return value of this template.
Default value: blank (no return value)
  • nowarn 
–  To suppress visual annunciations for readers, still there is annotaions and categories to call attention to users who are involved in the document.


Demonstration pages


{{#ask:[[Category:Docinfo demo pages]]
|?docinfo status = Status
|?docinfo author = Author
|?docinfo editor = Editor
|?warning        = Warning
|?description    = Description




Docinfo Demo1
Docinfo Demo1 draft
Docinfo Demo1 in-sync
Docinfo Demo1 nowarn
Docinfo Demo1 obsolete
Docinfo Demo1 other
Docinfo Demo1 out-of-sync
Docinfo Demo2 not-exist
Docinfo Demo3This page doesn't have {{docinfo}} tag.
Docinfo Demo3 not-ready
Docinfo Demo4 external
Docinfo Demo5 interwiki

All documents in which User1 involved:

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