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This service allows you to register your semantic wiki site. Doing this helps the SMW Project in many ways: Find out why you should register.

If you are an administrator, just go to the page Special:SMWAdmin on your wiki to register. Otherwise, just enter the URL of the page Special:Version on your wiki below (will only work if the URL ends with "Special:Version" whatever language the wiki has).

More information about this service.

Showing the ten most recently updated wikis:

SitenameSMW versionLast checkedPage countUser countLanguage
http://herocopia.com/ 19:30:49
APB:Reloaded Wiki1.5.62014-10-09 13:55:1242558265en
https://www.wien.gv.at/wiki/index.php/ 15:33:50
http://spearfishlaketaleswiki.com/wiki/1.9.22014-09-01 03:34:47
http://pearlsbeforeswine.referata.com/wiki/ 01:41:47
http://wikipediation.org/index.php?title=1.9.22014-07-08 14:05:54
http://prepro.govcloudforum.ch/ 12:21:50
http://streettoolbox.com/wiki/1.9.22014-06-12 23:55:28
http://spongefan.referata.com/wiki/ 22:42:18
http://alphazoidversepedia.wikis.mjduniverse.com/wiki/1.9.22014-06-01 13:38:01