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This property is specified as text and is part of the meta data subobject.

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0a5700dc-090b-4cf8-b562-2c94698b9f59.png#Meta_data +[[File:0a5700dc-090b-4cf8-b562-2c94698b9f59.png]]: RunQuery internal image  +


2010 Smw button.png#Meta_data +[[File:2010 Smw button.png]]: SWM - Powered By button for the MW footer (2010)  +
20121026 SMWCon Fall Daniel Werner SEE and RPG-Dev-Wiki.pdf#Meta_data +[[File:20121026 SMWCon Fall Daniel Werner SEE and RPG-Dev-Wiki.pdf]]: Slides for my Talk about Semantic Expressivness and RPG-Dev-Wiki  +
20131110 SWMCon Fall 2013 Logo.png#Meta_data +[[File:20131110 SWMCon Fall 2013 Logo.png]]: SMWCon Fall 2013 Logo  +
2166320938 5cfc9ec72a z.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:2166320938 5cfc9ec72a z.jpg]]: London - The Tower Bridge opening  +


3363305632 c136da22e7 z.jpg#Meta_data +[[Munich]]: Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau  +
3430830083 00768b46a9 z.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:3430830083 00768b46a9 z.jpg]]: San Diego - Skyline from the beaches of Coronado  +, {| class="wikitable" width="100%" ! [[San Diego]] |- | Skyline from the beaches of Coronado |}  +


4005745212 1e91b077cf z.jpg#Meta_data +[[Rome]]: Colosseum  +


5072461976 666f3c8817 o.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:5072461976 666f3c8817 o.jpg]]: Berlin: World time clock and TV tower on Alexanderplatz  +, [[Berlin]]: World time clock and TV tower on Alexanderplatz  +
5208218415 e2361c0c43 z.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:5208218415 e2361c0c43 z.jpg]]: Sydney - Harbour Bridge and Opera House  +, [[Sydney]]: Harbour Bridge and Opera House  +
58724edf-10a1-4a2e-b80c-c6c9a369fd76.png#Meta_data +[[File:58724edf-10a1-4a2e-b80c-c6c9a369fd76.png]]: RunQuery in-page logo  +


800px-Semantic Form Diagram.svg.png#Meta_data +[[File:800px-Semantic Form Diagram.svg.png]]: Beginner's diagram that explains semantic forms (do not trust this !)  +


AWfishpage.png#Meta_data +[[File:AWfishpage.png]]: The Aquarium Wiki - Article View  +
AccidentTimeline.png#Meta_data +[[File:AccidentTimeline.png]]: Timeline of Accidents and Incidents  +
Accidents for an Operator.png#Meta_data +[[File:Accidents for an Operator.png]]: Map showing accidents and incidents for an operator  +
Acer palmatum0.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:Acer palmatum0.jpg]]: Species: Acer palmatum; Family: Aceraceae  +
Agenda-Robert-Ulrich.png#Meta_data +[[File:Agenda-Robert-Ulrich.png]]: SMWCon Fall 2013, Agenda Picture, Robert Ulrich  +
Agenda-daniel schneider.png#Meta_data +[[File:Agenda-daniel schneider.png]]: Portrait - Daniel K. Schneider  +
Amsterdam - Waag.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:Amsterdam - Waag.jpg]]: The Weighhouse ("De Waag") in Amsterdam  +
AquariumWikiLogo.png#Meta_data +[[File:AquariumWikiLogo.png]]: The Aquarium Wiki Logo  +
AquariumWikiMainPage.png#Meta_data +[[File:AquariumWikiMainPage.png]]: The Aquarium Wiki Main Page  +
Asplenium trichomanes0.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:Asplenium trichomanes0.jpg]]: Species: Onoclea sensibilis; Family: Dryopteridaceae  +
At sign.gif#Meta_data +[[File:At sign.gif]]: @ Sign 12x12  +


Brandenburg Gate-original-3.jpg#Meta_data +[[File:Brandenburg Gate-original-3.jpg]]: Brandenburg Gate  +


CS4CS-architecture-1.png#Meta_data +[[File:CS4CS-architecture-1.png]]: Screenshot of an SMW application on citizen science  +
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