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Holds text of arbitrary length
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Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added in version: 1.0
Removed in version: still in use
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The datatype text is used to store strings of arbitrary length, i.e. text. Since SMW 1.8.0 this datatype depreciated datatype "string" for SMWSQLStore3 and replaced it entirely in SMW 1.9.0. Thus it is now possible to use specific values in semantic queries, or to sort query results by such values. It has the following restriction:

  • If you want to store special character sequences like "::", you need to store them using the parser function #set, instead of with the more standard "[[property::value]]" notation. Thus you cannot embed "regular" semantic annotations inside a text property.

You can use some wiki markup inside a text property such as runs of ' for bold and italic, and the markup will change the appearance of the text.

Restricting values

You can use the special property "Allows value" to restrict a property to a particular set of values. For example you could limit a property like "Status" to values like "Active", "Pending", etc.

Searching within values

Since SMW 1.8.0 the first 40 characters (if more than 72 characters were stored as property value) or all 72 characters (if a maximum of 72 characters were stored as property value) are searchable as explained on the help page about selecting pages.[1] Searching within property values was not possible in earlier versions of SMW (≤ 1.7.1).

Compatibility note

In SMW 1.8.0 only this datatype still had the old behaviour for data store SMWSQLStore2 as explained on the help page for previous versions of SMW. Starting with SMW 1.9.0 you will have to change datatype declarations from "string" to this datatype if you still have these on property pages since aliasing of "string" for "text" will be removed in a later version of SMW.


  1. See this mailing list post for detailed information

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.8 to the most current version.
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